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Current Project: The Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement

The Action School, Inc. undertakes innovative projects that bridge the gap between vision, reality and practice. All projects focus on learners. In all cases our projects strive to create new structures for learning and are strategically placed to achieve important long-term goals. It is estimated that over 50,000 children nationwide will benefit from these projects each year.

The "Curricular Engagement" refers to teaching, learning, and scholarship that engages faculty, students, and community members in mutually-beneficial and respectful collaboration. It is intentionally designed to address community-identified issues, generate (through the use of critical reflection) academic and civic learning as well as personal growth, facilitate collaborative knowledge generation, and enhance individual and collective capacity for learning, critical thinking, and scholarship and for leadership and citizenship. At the core of curricular engagement is service-learning. To know more about The Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement project plan please check our Letter of Intent (LOI) and/or the Current Proposal.

We are proud of our commitment to address the causes of violence in order to prevent and eventually end the overwhelming number of crimes perpetrated by and against children in our schools, colleges, and communities. Increasing the variety of after-school activities cuts down on the amount of unsupervised leisure time adolescents have. The fun and exciting activities we offer are designed to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble by engaging them in healthy competition, meaningful and creative projects, and skills training. The goal of such "Play Experiences" is to provide young people from diverse backgrounds with an equal opportunity to develop confidence, responsibility, teamwork, and a greater sense of self and community. By nurturing students’ creative skills, we hope to raise their self-esteem and decrease their temptation to become involved in criminal activity.

Action School welcomes your interest in our organization and mission! We are always looking for volunteers with expertise in business, finance, and law; those within the academic and corporate sectors to share their expertise and assist us with proofreading, art, and design; and those interested in serving on one of our many committees, such as Development and Fundraising.

Whether as a volunteer, a sponsor or a donor, there are many ways you can support the work of our organization in order to secure a bright future for our community. Please note that any amount, however small, is always welcome! Your donations will be acknowledged on the Action School website. Please know that all contributions you make will positively impact our organization, the children, and the local community we are serving. All donations are tax deductible. Your business will be recognized on all promotional materials received by Action School members, community leaders, and attendees. We would like for you to consider the Sponsorship Package and pass it along to other businesses around the community to gain their support. With the sale of these Packages, the Action School, Inc. will be able to move forward with this project as promised.

The administration and staff of the Action School are firmly committed to ensuring a bright future for our state by investing our time, resources, and creative efforts in our children. We firmly believe that the Action School’s work will ultimately help the community to lead the nation in creating and maintaining a happy, healthy, safe, and well-functioning environment for kids. We also have many ideas for future projects, including a skating rink, a children's circus, a Space Exploration Center, a national parade, a children's exhibition, a TV and film studio, a library, and many others...

Past Projects

This is only a partial listing of Action School’s past projects. The Action School is proud and happy to officially announce our past projects, which were successfully accomplished nationwide with the help of local communities involved. We appreciate their generosity! More past projects...

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