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Object Image"The Puppetry"

Puppet shows appeal to everyone, especially children. Attending these puppet shows will encourage children to appreciate all art forms and to learn more about comedy, drama, music, engineering, performing arts, and cultural expressions. Children engaged in the arts gain essential communication skills, as well as self-esteem and discipline, all of which will enhance their job skills. Youth art programs help keep kids in school, improve their academic performance, and are a proven means of preventing delinquency.

Object ImageThe Cinema-Theater "Children's & Youthful Film"

The principle idea behind this project is to create a theater for films specifically aimed at children; both feature-length films and cartoons will be shown.

Object ImageDionysus Classical Theater of Dramatic, Comedy, and Satyr Play

In an effort to enrich the community by nurturing culture and art, the Action School will not only show all its theatrical projects on a regular basis but will also encourage other theatrical organizations in other states and international groups to book a tour of their programs and repertoires.

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