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Object ImageShort Animated Film Contest "The Rainbow Smiles"

In Sep 2009, we started on an exciting three-year project to demonstrate the feasibility and skills training in healthy competition via expressive project. Designed to compete in a National Contest of Short Animated Films (2-3 minutes in length) intended for children ages 3-12, this project accepts all styles of animation. Students and ambitious animators will once more have the opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills, wit, savvy, and attractive plots for children. The accomplished works by the winners will be gathered into a series of five to six short animated sequences into "The Rainbow Smiles" quarter collection.

Object ImageChildren's Screenplay Competition "Comic Short Stories"

The Action School is working to start running this screenplay competition to help young authors discover and develop their writing talents in an educational program designed to highlight humorous short stories written by kids (ages 7-12) alone or with some adult help.

Object ImageKids’ Short Film Festival "Once Upon a Time..."

As the final part of a multi-linked project, this one is created to focus attention on children’s movies. All Action School projects will be screened by this group. The Short Film-Festival encourages any other filmmakers interested in audience feedback to enter. The festival accepts both shorts and featured films. The only restriction is the film must be made for kids.

Object ImageChildren's Theatrical Competition "You are Talented!" (Talent-Acquisition)

Researchers find that artistic talent is often recognizable and identifiable at a young age. This project is devoted to uncovering a child’s hidden theatrical talents based on an initial performance. Children who want to challenge their natural abilities will receive training to nurture their unique aptitudes and prepare for a final performance where they will be publicly acknowledged.

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