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Object ImageAn edition of the subscription magazine "The Children's Cinema"

Created primarily to encompass the Action School’s repertoire of film-production activities, including "Children's Screenplay Competition," "Children's Comedy Short Film Producing," "Children's Feature-length & Adventure films," "Scientifically Educational Short Reel," and more, the project explores the life of children in cinema. Also included are interviews with established and burgeoning talents, a featured artist, film crews, a critic’s review, readers’ responses, quizzes, fun facts, games, and more.

Object ImageProducing Postcard "The Action School Honored Talents"

This project is created to promote and honor children whose talents have been uncovered through participating in the Action School’s activities.

Object ImageAn edition of the satirical subscription magazine "Sharp"

Unsavory individuals or groups will be portrayed as satirical caricatures accompanied by relevant text. The targets include problems that plague today’s society: negligence, bureaucracy, corruption, bribes, alcoholism, embezzlement, obsequiousness, speculation, and others.

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