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Object Image"School of Science Experiments and Practices" (SSEP)

Designed to create a hands-on experience in specific subjects, such as chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, geography, and information technology, this school will run daily in order to develop the needs and interests of students aged 6 to 12. Because a key tenet of the school is making the world accessible to students, opportunities to build, play, design, prepare food, read, write, investigate, and research within all subject areas will be included.

Object Image"The Scientifically Technical and Applied Creativity Center" (STAC)

The aim of STAC is to meet the developmental needs of children educationally, emotionally, and socially within a safe and healthy environment. Over 20 projects are planned to enhance learning, promote a healthy lifestyle, and foster a deeper understanding of the world by working on real problems and applying creativity. The result will be a strong foundation for enhanced learning. In the setting of a unique, creative, and functional environment, STAC brings together high-proficiency expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Using core activities such as clubs, sections, studios, and schools, STAC will be a remarkable place where a number of children’s associations will work together and draw on many methodical centers of supplementary education.

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