Our Sponsors, Supporters and Partners

Action School: Support us...We have prepared numerous special projects and in order to conduct this work, we are dependent on your support now more than ever. We are charitably supported in our efforts by public entities. However, these grants are not always sufficient to fund particularly interesting projects or to give us enough flexibility to react promptly to current challenges. For this reason, we need your help. Whether as a sponsor or donor, there are many ways of supporting the work of our organization...

(From President's/CEO's address)


1&1 offers a complete range of web services for every need, every skill level and every budget. 1&1 is web hosting services, domain names, and email solutions for websites.


IdealistAction Without Borders/Idealist is a "global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources", offering a directory of volunteer opportunities and other resources. Idealist connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.

Orphan's Bright Star
Orphan's Bright StarThe Orphan's Bright Star provides fundamental assistance to the children in our sponsored orphanages in Ukraine: sustenance, shelter, services, skills and spirit.

volunteer_matchThe VolunteerMatch strengthens communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect. The organization offers a variety of online services to support a community of nonprofit, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement.

N.C. Center for Nonprofits
N.C. Center for NonprofitsThe N.C. Center for Nonprofits is a private organization that serves as a statewide network for nonprofit board and staff members, an information center on effective organizational practices, and an advocate for the nonprofit sector as a whole.

White House: Office of Public Engagement
White House Office of Public EngagementThe White House Office of Public Engagement is the embodiment of the President's goal of making government inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsible. The Office of Public Engagement helps open the two-way dialogue, ensuring that the issues impacting our nation's proud and diverse communities have a receptive team dedicated to making their voices heard within the Administration, and even more importantly helping their concerns be translated into action by the appropriate bodies of the Federal Government.

Popular Science
Popular ScienceThe Popular Science has been a leading source of science, technology and gadget news since its inception way back in 1872. With up-to-the minute latest space news, insightful commentary on the new innovations and concept cars ...if it's new or future technology you'll find it always at popsci.com!

Various levels of sponsorship are available and may be made by donations of money, goods or services. Sponsors who wish to actively participate and/or contribute in the actual operation of the Action School, Inc., will be encouraged to join of our team. Please click hereSponsorship Categories to see our complete list of sponsorship categories. We know that all past and current projects would not be possible without our sponsors and we thank you for your generous donations of time, supplies, resources and money.
 Ways to give
You can make a donation to the Action School, Inc. either by check or credit card. A donation formDonation Form is provided for you to print out; you can specify how you wish your donation to be used, either directed to one of our priority projects or as an unrestricted gift. Unrestricted gifts provide the Action School with discretionary funds that can be used for a broad range of purposes, enabling the Action School to respond with flexibility to current needs.
Check: Please make your check payable to the "Action School, Inc.", and send it together with the donation formDonation Form to the Development Office (see address below).
Credit Card: To make a donation by credit card, please enter your card details on the donation formDonation Form. If you prefer to make your credit card donation by telephone, please call us at (919)-809-9106 and ask for the Development Office.
Leaving a bequest: By remembering the Action School, Inc. in your will, you can help future generations and help the Action School meet the challenges of the future. For details of how to leave a legacy, please contact the Development Office.
Other ways of giving: We welcome donations made via payroll giving or matching gifts. We also welcome donations "in kind" or of stocks and shares. For more information, please contact the Development Office.

All donation formsDonation Form should be sent to:

Action School, Inc.
c/o National Registered Agents, Inc.
120 Penmarc Drive, Suite 118
Raleigh, NC 27603

For further information please contact us by tel: (919)-809-9106, fax: (206)-333-0016, or set the conference.

Action School will open a new branch or affiliated office in suburbs of Chicago. The new office will operate under the same name. Any interested parties please forward your LOI or proposals to us. Thank you!

  Volunteer vacancies:
Jobs, Volunteers, Jobs...Action School welcomes your interest in our organization and mission! We are seeking volunteers with business, financial, legal, school, academic and corporate sectors to share their expertise, assist us with: text proofreading, art & design aspects, serving on Development Committee Panels, and more... Please take a moment to meet some of our outstanding volunteers. More … »

  Composers vacancies:
Jobs, Composers, Jobs...Opportunities for Songwriters, Composers, Lyricists and Authors who are seriously committed to inventing their own universes of story telling and sounds for children! Please contact us, we are seeking You!