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Past Projects

Object Image"Eternal Parks"

In 2007 Action School was invited to the extraordinary competition of the best conceptual design for the Project "Eternal Parks". The competition was held by the St.Petersburg organization Sunshine, which proposed the Leisure & Culture Park design. Among the complex project competition criteria the following highly crucial actions were highlighted: the overall plan of enhancing the entire park and its infrastructure, development of the park theme based on park activities, and designing the implementation of the plan's life-cycle phases, and all related activities that were already started. A good indication of the improvement is that the Park is now one of the most popular places visited year-round by families, including children, youth and elderly - both local and from suburban areas.

Object Image"Astonishing Garden"

The "Astonishing Garden" project was originally proposed by the St.Petersburg governmental organization Vyborzhets in 2007, and was nominated for the best conceptual design, further development and maintenance. Action School is still engaged with the Vyborzhets, LLP. as a long-term partnership in the further development and support of the garden's planning perspective.

Object ImageAdvanced Math Exercise Project (AMEP)

In the Summer of 2008 we announced the Advanced Transcoding Project to be developed as an advanced and easy way to render mathematics, physics books and other printed documents into fully accessible formats through advanced transcoding processes. Imagine scanning the image to the left and automatically having it read to you by a text-to-speech synthesizer in correct math syntax. This functionality does not exist in our schools and colleges yet today... We are planning to push it forward after finishing our ongoing development. It is expected to be published in 2011.

Object Image"Rainbow Smiles"

In September 2009 we held the first ever round of the competition as an creative project among animators from around the globe. They were able to showcase their talent by participating in our Animated Short Film Contest. Designed to compete in a National Contest of Short Animated Films (2-3 minutes in length) intended for children ages 3-12, this project accepted all styles of animation. Students and ambitious animators once more had the opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills, wit, savvy, and attractive plots for children. The accomplished works by the winners were gathered into a series of five to six short animated sequences called "The Rainbow Smiles" quarter collection. We anticipate continuing this series of content in 2011.

Object Image"Life is not for grudges!"

In March 2010 we held a short online competition called "Life is not for grudges!" The competition was open to youth up to the age of 12. This was the first online project; more than 850 drawings were submitted from across the country. Ten children from various states received awards for having their drawings selected in a drawing competition. We anticipate continuing such activity and content in 2011.

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