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Object ImageChildren's Comedy Short Film Production "Flimflams"

As a second part of the Children's Screenplay Competition project, this activity is oriented predominately for children ages 7-12 to involve them directly in a full-time production process filming the Children's Comedy Shorts (about 3 min). The goal is to involve children as artists in their own film, enabling them to play a role and ultimately identify themselves with the life of their hero. Three or four single "Flimflams" shorts will be combined in the Humorous Children's film almanac entitled "Giggles 'n Squiggles," which will be released for distribution in the local movie theaters, U.S. theaters and, ultimately, in theaters around the world.

Object ImageChildren's Feature-Length & Adventure Films Production

As a long-term educational activity, this project’s main objective is to spark an interest in children to enter the fantastic world of feature-length film production aimed at the young. It is full of fascinating adventures based on historical events from around the world. All the main characters of these films will be children. This project intends to nurture kindness, boldness, bravery, and pride in one’s homeland. Released films will be premiered exclusively in the Action School Film Festival, and afterwards in all theaters.

Object ImageKeep, Save & Care Production

These Short Animated Films call on everyone to be frugal with resources, such as water, electricity, food, and the earth.

Object ImageSatirical Film Journal "The Puncher"

The educational project here aims to satirize the corporate and individual behavior of those in the country who disregard our natural environment by misusing natural resources and polluting the air, rivers and lakes. The film will run 2 to 3 minutes and will be released as a teaching point in public places on a regular basis. The idea is to expose the corporate heads who condone or authorize negative behavior to public criticism and to encourage society to grow in a way that is healthy for the community.

Object ImageNewsreel "A Weekly Chronicle"

News Bulletin Release created a short newsreel (about 10 min. long) on state, nation, world and space exploration. Drawing on that model, “A Weekly Chronicle” will highlight footage of historical events to be shown as a documentary in public venues (theaters, schools, trade and/or business centers, and so on) on a regular basis. Each release will be structured around these areas: the U.S. government, state government, worldwide events, cultural news, and technological and scientific achievements. Background music and short remarks from a narrator will complete the project.

Object ImageScientifically Educational Short Reel "Used to Know!"

This short newsreel production (about 15 min. long) will draw attention to the latest technological and scientific news from around the world in a way that reveals little-known facts about everyday subjects. Each release will be shown regularly in various public places, such as movie theaters, schools, trade and business centers, outdoor venues, and more.

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