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Children's Planet - Alexburg

In 2010, the Action School, Inc. plans to undertake the innovative projects that, in essence, combine all educational, serious, eventful and expressive projects in one place. Named as "The Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement" project it could be called as a Miracle Theme Park, a Kids Amusement Park or even as a Chrildren's Planet but in either ways it will fall into three main categories: public education, research, and development of proactive responses. We firmly believe that Action School’s Project will ultimately help community to lead the nation in creating and maintaining a happy, healthy, safe, and well-functioning environment for kids. Click here, if you are interested to see the project proposal.

Our estimation: over 50,000 children nationwide will benefit from this project each year.

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“... We are glad to announce our special project "Children's Planet - Alexburg", which is a part of "the Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement" and in order to conduct this huge but really important work; we depend on your support now more than ever. Our efforts are charitably supported by public entities. However, these grants are not always sufficient to fund particularly interesting projects or to give us enough flexibility to react promptly to current challenges. For this reason, we need your help. As a sponsor or donor, there are many ways of supporting the work of our organization.” “Our goal: to strengthen the children's creativity, invention and prosperity; to make the nation richest by investing in children’s innate skills; and to showcase the state with happy, healthy, and peaceful children living in a social environment where they feel safe, secure and worthy!”

(From President's/CEO's address)

Object Image"The Puppetry"

Puppet shows appeal to everyone, especially children. Attending these puppet shows will encourage children to appreciate all art forms and to learn more about comedy, drama, music, engineering, performing arts, and cultural expressions. Children engaged in the arts gain essential communication skills, as well as self-esteem and discipline, all of which will enhance their job skills. Youth art programs help keep kids in school, improve their academic performance, and are a proven means of preventing delinquency.

Object ImageThe Cinema-Theater "Children's & Youthful Film"

The principle idea behind this project is to create a theater for films specifically aimed at children; both feature-length films and cartoons will be shown.

Object ImageDionysus Classical Theater of Dramatic, Comedy, and Satyr Play

In an effort to enrich the community by nurturing culture and art, the Action School will not only show all theatrical projects on a regular basis but will also encourage other theatrical organizations in other states and international groups to book a tour of their programs and repertoires.

Object Image"School of Science Experiments and Practices" (SSEP)

Designed to create a hands-on experience in specific subjects, such as chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, geography, and information technology, this school will run daily in order to develop the needs and interests of students aged 6 to 12. Because a key tenet of the school is making the world accessible to students, opportunities to build, play, design, prepare food, read, write, investigate, and research within all subject areas will be included.

Object Image"The Scientifically Technical and Applied Creativity Center" (STAC)

The aim of STAC is to meet the developmental needs of children educationally, emotionally, and socially within a safe and healthy environment. Over 20 projects are planned to enhance learning, promote a healthy lifestyle, and foster a deeper understanding of the world by working on real problems and applying creativity. The result will be a strong foundation for enhanced learning. In the setting of a unique, creative, and functional environment, STAC brings together high-proficiency expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Using core activities such as clubs, sections, studios, and schools, STAC will be a remarkable place where a number of children’s associations will work together and draw on many methodical centers of supplementary education.

Object ImageArt Exhibition Center

The Art Exhibition Center presents a range of children's art programs, enabling children and families to engage with the Action School Art Gallery’s collection and major exhibitions. This Center is nationally recognized for its diverse and stimulating range of programs, artist projects and exhibitions for children all ages. These are designed to introduce young audiences to artists and their ideas in ways that are appealing to children. In addition, the Art Exhibition Center works directly with contemporary artists, who participate in developing projects for the Kids ART program held by Action School in conjunction with the local and other Schools.

Object ImageChildren's Library

Action School Library is a very special Library. We continuously build an international collection of illustrated children's books, manuscripts, original artwork, prints, and educational toys from the all around the Globe. Our library also has a public face, serving as a resource for children, families, and educators. Here we offer a variety of children's programs that are open to the public and free of charge. Visitors are also invited to explore Bookscape, our whimsical children's gallery. Please bring your family and friends to relax and read in a quiet and enchanting setting!

Object ImageCircus

The Action School Circus is more than just a regular Circus; it is a Circus-Theater dedicated to empowering and celebrating all children and their communities with outstanding fantastic performances. The Circus features a mixture of theatrical spectacle and the classic circus arts, including acrobatics, magic, illusions, fire eating, jugglers, exuberant clowns, and many other fantastic stunts with live music. Circus provides special events for schools or corporations. It's an unforgettable experience filled with educational value. Our programs are designed to enhance learning skills by introducing each student to a wide range of circus arts. Along the way students gain confidence, focus, dedication, discipline, and persistence. See you at the Circus!

Object ImagePlanetarium & Live Space Exploration Center

Welcome to the Universe! The Action School Planetarium’s informal, yet in depth look at tracking the constellations, planets and all things galactic. The projection equipment used to simulate the night sky consists of a star ball that measures one meter in diameter and is capable of projecting up to 10,164 stars. A special feature of the Space Voyager projection system is its ability to not only show you the sky as seen from earth, but also from any point within 100 astronomical units (equivalent 9,300,000,000 miles) of the Earth. This makes it possible to see the sky as it would appear from any planet or moon within our solar system, or any point in between. Other equipment includes five planet projectors, a sun projector, and two image projectors that are used to project the moon or a variety of other objects both natural and man-made. A visit to the Action School Planetarium is a trip through the universe, and it offers an opportunity to experience the wonders that await us at the center of our galaxy or simply view the beauty of the sky above us. We hold both School and Corporate programs. Total length of each program is approximately one hour (depending on which program is chosen) and includes a star talk and questions. Preschool programs are somewhat shorter and may not include a star talk.

Object ImageAnthropology of Art & Natural Curiosity Museum

The Anthropology of Art & Natural Curiosity Museum is dedicated to preserving Natural & Human Curiosities and Rarities. The underlying idea of it is to acquire full knowledge of the World. There is not a haphazard collection of incoherent rarities, but a collection based on a well defined plan. This is not а museum only, but it is one of the leading research centers of the Action School' Science Project. By the effort of all scientists who are working there, we intend to place the most important objects of the cultural heritage of the Nations along with International collections from Australia, Oceania, Indonesia, Africa, Asia, Russia, Europe, and Caucasus if possible. We aim to revive the best scientific traditions of the World Ethnographic School. Bring your family and friends to discover endless hidden facts from our world!

Object ImageAnna-Marie Chapel & Saint Denis-Nicholas Cathedral

Welcome to the Action School Anna-Marie Chapel & Saint Denis-Nicholas Cathedral! The Church is a very special learning resource for the the nation and the world. Public Education programs for students and adults build bridges between the Cathedral and its public, offer a sense of community, mirror the human condition, and transmit what it is to be human, develop tolerance and possess the ability to make sense out of chaos. The Cathedral's Department of Public Education & Visitor Services provides opportunities for diverse visitors to learn about the Cathedral. This is a special place for people of all ages. Visitors discover the myths, mysteries and spirit of this exuberant place. The following is a short list of tours appropriate for adults and family groups: Art of Painting, Vertical Climbing Tour, Architectural History, Performance of Youth Choirs and live Organ Music.

Object ImageCentral Concerts Arena & Children's Amusement

The Action School Central Concert Arena and Children's Amusement are both located at the Alexburg Plaza, which is graciously divided by Central Park Road. The Concert Arena is a multipurpose open-air venue and is capable of hosting a whole range of events including music concerts, conventions, celebration events, festivals, children's entertainment and more, ranging from professional orchestras to community bands and choirs. Each Action School concert program will be held in this venue. We are open for all potential requests to rent it for a prepared event. Regardless whether your event is a concert, a show, a gala, a company or a spectacular event – everything is possible in this unique atmosphere. The Children's Amusement is opposite of the Concert Arena. This is an old-fashioned amusement area and is perfect for tots aged 2 to 12. It offers a Ferris wheel, carousels, rides and activities that provide little-ones so much fun they will be clamoring for more. The Children's Amusement is available for rent to company picnic or special events. Enjoy the thrill of the outdoor rides!

Object ImageFountains, Cascades & Statuary

The Action School Children's Planet - Alexburg contains hundreds of fountains and cascades, distributed among seven major walkway intersections of the Park. Situated in the central triangle junction circle at the south perimeter of the Park is a magnificent towering marble statue of Christopher Columbus -- the Italian mariner -- the first European to have crossed the Atlantic Ocean. At its base is a fountain with an angel holding a globe. The statue stands at the point where footpaths intersect Park South, Park West, and Park East. At the end of each walkway several statues have been erected and are accompanied by a gorgeous cascade of fountains. Beautiful shadow-alleys, naturally formed by the walkway beams, are sided with theme statuettes at the Park East and Park West to attract visitors to the magnificent Park Nature. Each element of the Fountains and Cascades design reproduces an elegant atmosphere of endless beauty which will leave everyone wanting to see it again.

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