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Founded in 2006, the Action School, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scholastic-scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Our primary purpose is to offer a variety of extracurricular activities for students ages five through fifteen. Studies by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) show that children involved in extra curricular activities are less prone to violent behavior. In addition, students with high self esteem derived from using their special skills are less prone to violence. We are very proud of our decision to work on the causes of violence to prevent and eventually stop an overwhelming number of criminal violations of children in our schools, colleges and communites.

Action School, Inc. aims to decrease crime and violence amongst and against children. We do this by teaching, enriching, and nurturing their innovation, artistic and musical ability, versatile abilities in the cinematic arts, and unique theatrical talents. We discover the hidden and diversified talents of each child, and ultimately bring those talents to life through extraordinary experiences that challenge and excite young minds. Our goal is to prevent and eventually end the overwhelming number of violent crimes against children in our schools, on our college campuses, and in our communities. In our effort to stem the causes of violence, our primary function is to offer extracurricular activities for students aged five through fifteen. Those activities are designed to improve the creative skills of each student, thereby raising their self-confidence while diminishing the lure to become involved with criminal activity.

ourVisionWe believe that our mission will dramatically diversify the cultural life of the community, will bring a spirit of improvisation, will enrich viewpoints, and will open new horizons for talented individuals.
Achievements in the Action School will produce original ideas that will inspire others and raise the quality of life in society.
Our vision will continue a relationship between the Action School and public sector that will inspire others to make the world a better place for all humanity.

Action School will open a new branch or affiliated office in suburbs of Chicago. The new office will operate under the same name. Any interested parties please forward your LOI or proposals to us. Thank you!

  Volunteer vacancies:
Jobs, Volunteers, Jobs...Action School welcomes your interest in our organization and mission! We are seeking volunteers with business, financial, legal, school, academic and corporate sectors to share their expertise, assist us with: text proofreading, art & design aspects, serving on Development Committee Panels, and more... Please take a moment to meet some of our outstanding volunteers. More … »

  Composers vacancies:
Jobs, Composers, Jobs...Opportunities for Songwriters, Composers, Lyricists and Authors who are seriously committed to inventing their own universes of story telling and sounds for children! Please contact us, we are seeking You!