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The Action School, Inc. is an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable institution based in Raleigh, NC was founded in 2006 on a belief that a high quality education in the theatrical dream of children, youth and families should be accessible to anyone with the drive and ambition to take part. Self-generated income, contributions from sponsors and patrons, partnership and friendships broaden the scope of our work. By teaching the foundations of unique theatrical-action techniques and simultaneously exposing participants to acting techniques and practical on-set experiences, the Action School Incorporation distinguishes itself from most other acting schools. We are proud to achieve this by developing innovative concepts for a human world, where cultural diversity is always welcomed as an enrichment of the society.

President's/CEO's address 
Action School: about us; President/CEO addressWhile we form our organization, we have identified significant opportunities in the small business and not-for-profit sectors.

Looking ahead for the business, our immediate efforts will continue to center on achieving our long-term strategy and writing a quality book, which delivers a reasonable return to our community.
Recent studies from the National Center for Juvenile Justice show that the peak hours for juvenile crime are 3 to 6 p.m., the period between school closing and parents' arrival home. Many parents expressed fears about adolescent use of unsupervised leisure time.

Our complex of extracurricular activities surely will keep children "off the streets" and out of other trouble by engaging them in skills training and healthy competitions primarily through the expertise in developed serious, eventful, and expressive projects. Main singularity of it is to provide for young people from diverse backgrounds the equal opportunity to participate in the varied performance of a play experiences in order to develop confidence, responsibility, teamwork, and a greater sense of self and community.

We have prepared numerous special projects and in order to conduct this work, we are dependent on your support now more than ever. We are charitably supported in our efforts by public entities. However, these grants are not always sufficient to fund particularly interesting projects, or to give us enough flexibility to react promptly to current challenges. For this reason, we need your helpSupport us. Whether as a sponsor or donor, there are many ways of supporting the work of our organization.

We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors for their generous support of our current programs.

...Children need the Action School - and the Action School needs sponsors! As the President/CEO of this organization, I would like to cordially thank you in advance for your kind support. We remain on the track for achieving our business plan and we are confident about the future for the Action School, Inc.!  

Action School will open a new branch or affiliated office in suburbs of Chicago. The new office will operate under the same name. Any interested parties please forward your LOI or proposals to us. Thank you!

  Volunteer vacancies:
Jobs, Volunteers, Jobs...Action School welcomes your interest in our organization and mission! We are seeking volunteers with business, financial, legal, school, academic and corporate sectors to share their expertise, assist us with: text proofreading, art & design aspects, serving on Development Committee Panels, and more... Please take a moment to meet some of our outstanding volunteers. More … »

  Composers vacancies:
Jobs, Composers, Jobs...Opportunities for Songwriters, Composers, Lyricists and Authors who are seriously committed to inventing their own universes of story telling and sounds for children! Please contact us, we are seeking You!