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A honored group of the World Community Volunteers.

     Thank you to all volunteers for so generously sharing your time and talents with us. You help make our performances, films, exhibitions, and special events even more enjoyable for our audiences.

  • Kysa Siovan
  • Jill Fein
  • Janaina Galhardo
  • Veronika Kish Boyd
  • Zubair Ishaque
  • Chatfield Vernier Elizabeth
  • Xiaonan Tong
  • David Phelps
  • Josh Batten
  • Cenovia Skeete
  • Jack Threadgill
  • Robert Amaral
  • Michele F Venturini
  • Kimberly Perry
  • Cheryl L. Heflin
  • Fran Salman
  • Diana Mykris

We highly appreciate your valuable contribution and interest in our educational program.