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Definitions of Sponsorship Terms

Advertising: The direct sale of print or some other types of City communication medium to provide access to a select target market. Various City departments have approved the selling of approved advertising mediums (space in flyers, etc.,) separate from the sponsorship of programs or facilities.

Category Exclusivity: The right of a sponsor to be the only company within its product or service category associated with the sponsored property. Usually a benefit at higher sponsorship levels. Partnered projects can only offer exclusivity within the confines of their specific project.

Corporation: A for-profit or non-profit entity (business, company, and merchant) acting under a legal charter (example: state business license) having its own rights, privileges and liabilities.

Donations: Cash or in-kind gifts that do not typically include any additional negotiated conditions in return. Synonyms: Philanthropy, Patronage, Contribution.

Exclusive Rights: A company pays a premium or provides economic benefit in exchange for the right to be the sole advertised provider, at the most competitive prices, of goods purchased by the City or partnered project.

Hierarchy of Sponsors: If more than one sponsor is used, there is often a hierarchy of levels. These levels can be used to differentiate benefits provided for various amounts of sponsorship, but may be provided for different amounts for different properties. They are (from highest to lowest):
Exclusive Sponsor (if only one) "Silicon" "Platinum" "Gold" "Silver" "Bronze".

In-Kind Sponsorship: Payment (full or partial) of sponsorship fees in goods or services rather than in cash.

Media Sponsors: TV and radio stations, print media, and outdoor advertising companies that provide either cash, or more frequently advertising time or space, or a property in exchange for official designation.

Partnered Project: An approved facility, event, site, or program for Action School created through collaborative partnerships of public, private, and/or not-for-profit agencies with the City of Parks and Recreation Department, facilitated through Action School. Partnered Projects may have more than one partner involved, but usually use one "footprint" of space as outlined in the Action School Site Proposal Plan, and have a designated managing entity that represents the partnered project as a whole.

Presenting Sponsor: The sponsor that has its name presented just below that of the sponsored property, i.e., Action School, Presented by X.

Primary Sponsor: The sponsor paying the largest fee and receiving the most prominent identification (would be the Title Sponsor if Title is sold).

Property: A unique, commercially exploitable entity (could be a facility, site, event, or program) Synonyms: sponsee, rightsholder, seller.

Signage: Approved event signs, banners, billboards, electronic messages, decals, permanent recognition panels, etc. displayed on site and containing Sponsor ID. Must be in line with the City sign code.

Sponsors: Companies or individuals, who provide cash or in-kind donations designed to provide them with specific benefits or rights that directly and tangibly fulfill their marketing and communication objectives.

Sponsorship: The relationship between a sponsor and a property in which the sponsor pay a cash or in-kind fee in return for access to the commercial potential of a property.

Sponsorship Plan: A plan created for a partnered project at Action School. This plan is created by partners through facilitation from Action School, and is part of the agreement for a partnered project.

Sole Sponsor: A company that has paid to be the only sponsor of a property.

Title Sponsor: The sponsor that has its name incorporated into the name of the sponsored property, i.e., The X Recreation Building at Action School.

Street Banner: Any pennant, streamer, flag, sign, picture, figure or other object, regardless of the material of which it is made, which is suspended or otherwise dispiayed over any public street, way or place, designed for decoration or advertisement, or to attract the attention of passersby; except, however, official warning devices, public service facilities, street lights and the like.

Event: Shall be defined as something that takes place within the Action School venue that is open for attendance by the City's citizens regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or physical disability. A telethon or phone-a-thon shall be considered an "event" under this definition if it meets all other requirements of this ordinance.

Community Event: Shall be defined as an event, or a series of events that promotes civic pride in a local community within the City or the City as a whole, and that is not a purely commercial enterprise and where the proceeds, if any, will directly benefit either a charitable or non-profit organization.

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